How To Recycle Car Battery

Have you ever faced the situation when your car’s battery breaks down and you with your car are left stranded in the middle of the road? If you have already, then you must have called and taken help from roadside assistance or any friend. They come in the spot with a new battery, take out the damaged one, hook everything in an appropriate way and start the car.

This article discusses the common knowledge about change and replacement of car battery and how it can be recycled.

Disposing of the old battery

While disposing of an old or damaged car battery, you may come across some specific components. These are defined as chemical based solutions and can be hazardous for diverse aspects.

 Inside an automotive cell

A car battery consists of different sorts of harmful chemicals, materials and heavy metals. For instance, if you are dealing with normal 12 volt battery, then you are actually dealing with materials like lead, plastic, sulfuric acid etc.  Some diesel engines are also available that might require taking help of 24 volt systems. It means you are likely to suffer from double the toxic level, harmful chemicals and heavy metals. If you are looking for car battery assistance, make sure to get hold of the best professional assistance first.

More about the battery

Together with lead plates and dioxide lead plates, 12 volt car battery is submerged in electrolyte solutions that are formed using sulfuric acid and water. The chemical reactions related to the two elements create electrons which can go through the conductors, and assist in passing electricity to the vehicle’s engine together with the inner components. If a battery fails to work properly, bank on a professional company and avail assistance, for immediate help. While acid starts reacting with the plates, the battery starts losing the power of functioning properly.

Follow the recycle process

Choose the battery that is recyclable. When the time comes of its replacement, melt the lead section or reuse in any other parts of your vehicle. The plastic components can be reused in any other kinds of products. Moreover, the sulfuric acid can also be reused.

Recycle methods

You can go to any local garage that accepts used batteries disposal parts of vehicles. You can even attempt replacement service while planning to get hold of a brand new power unit, for the car or other forms of vehicles.

You can ask for professional help that can take the assistance of your batteries, for recycling purposes. Always remember that by recycling your old batteries together with additional damaged parts of your automotive, you can safeguard the environment around you and preserve natural resources. Hope you have now got a clear idea about what things you can do while replacing your old automotive battery with a new one and gain benefits.…